Tanning Tips

Lara Bingle, founder of The Base by Lara Bingle gives us her ultimate DOs & DON'Ts of tanning at home.


DO exfoliate 24 hours before tanning, use an exfoliator that contains a AHA.

DO rub half a lemon on the area that streaks or splotches appear for two minutes before lightly buffing it with a damp towel.

DO use a tanning mitt when using your self tan.

DO mostiurse the dry areas on your body before tanning, i.e Hands, feet, knees, ankles and any dry areas.

DO make sure your self tan is clear on the skin by rubbing a wet wipe over the skin first. If you want to go darker, apply a second layer an hour later, DON'T apply on the next day.

DO pick a self tanning product that suits your skin tone.

DO use a cold compress on your face before tanning to minimise your pores.

DO build up fine layers when it comes to the face.

DO start from your ankles and work your way up to your shoulders, saving your arms and hands for last.

DO moisturise daily so your tan lasts longer.

DO apply vaseline on your eye brows before tanning your face.

DO exfoliate after 4 days to help your tan fade evenly.


DON'T shave the day after tanning, if you have to, use an electric shaver as this will not remove your tan.

DON'T use a tan that does not suit your skintone, you want it to pop your complexion with colour, not overpower it.

DON'T over-rub your self tan when applying.

DON'T apply product directly onto hands and feet, work the excess product from the arms onto the hands and the excess tan from the legs onto the feet area.

DON'T wash your hands for at least 8 hours after tanning, otherwise you will get the white hands brown arms look.

DON'T clean your teeth after applying your self tan, do it before, this will stop it looking white around this area.

DON'T exercise for 24 hours after tanning.

DON'T use oils on the skin after tanning, this will strip your self tan and make it look uneven.

DON'T apply more than once every two days when using a gradual tan, otherwise your tan will look unnatural.


Lara Bingle