Double Sided Exfoliating Mitt

Double Sided Exfoliating Mitt

The Base by Lara Bingle Double Sided Exfoliating Mitt removes unwanted self tan effortlessly and is the perfect tool to prepare skin for tanning products for a smooth, longer lasting even application. The multi-purpose Exfoliating Mitt can also be used for dry body brushing to increase circulation and aid lymphatic drainage or for every day use with your favourite shower gel to gently remove unwanted dead skin cells for smooth glowing skin.

  • Removes self-tan safely and easily
  • Exfoliates and prepares skin for a flawless tan
  • Leaves skin smooth and soft
  • Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage

    The Base Tip: Reusable and washable, simply rinse after tanning and leave out to air dry.

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    Directions for Use

    For Tanning:

    In the shower dampen the mitts and squeeze out any excess water, add a few drops of your favourite shower gel or soap (this will help remove unwanted oils from the skin) and turn off shower whilst you gently rub in circular movements all over the body. This will exfoliate your skin and best prepare it for The Base by Lara Bingle tanning products. Tip: use extra pressure on ankles, feet, knees, elbows and hands where skin is drier and can grab and absorb more product.

    For body brushing:

    Before showering or bathing, use on dry skin and start at the feet. Brush upwards with fast strokes in a vertical direction, move all the way up to the legs, stomach and arms. Not only is this great for all over exfoliation but it will also help increase circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. Tip: for best results remember to always brush towards the heart.

    Hazards and Cautions

    Detergents will destroy the effects of the mitt. It is best to rinse in water on and hang to dry. Do not machine wash.
    Any rubbing of the skin will cause some redness, this will disappear. Please do not use if you have very sensitive skin, a skin condition or open wounds. For hygiene reason and continual effectiveness, we suggest having your own mitt.

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