Tanning Application Mitt

Tanning Application Mitt

The (legendary) Double Sided Self Application Tanning Mitt does all the messy work for you. Simply apply your tanning gel, cream or mousse to the mitt and work it into your skin in long, circular sweeps from top-to-toe. We recommend purchasing it at the same time as The Base tanning product you’ll be using it with - after all they are made to live their lives together till the end. Talk about romantic, holding hands never felt so good!

    • Soft velvet touch application mitt
    • Double sided
    • Quick application
    • Even, streak-free coverage
    • Helps control staining on hands

    The Base Tip: Reusable and washable, simply rinse after tanning and leave out to air dry.

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    Directions for Use

    Slip hand into Mitt. Apply a desired amount of product onto the Mitt and apply to the body using a consistent circular motion until product is dispersed evenly.

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